The young kids of the world will come to Yokohama for International Exchange through rugby.

In 2019 a truly historic event will take place in Japan.

Visitors and supporters from countries all around the world will visit and friendly international exchange will happen all over Japan.

To mark this milestone event in Japan’s history it is appropriate to celebrate as we strive to bring the “Kids World Rugby Festival” .

Elementary School age kids from all over the world will come as teams to Japan. We believe it a once in a lifetime opportunity to create unforgettabl and precious experiences and memories.

The rugby match game at the Nissan stadium will be a treasure of the lifetime, which will be the final match of Rugby World Cup 2019, as well as cultural exchange that will allow you to touch Japanese culture.

There is a new discovery of rugby from the game with overseas team, and there is also a place where new friendship is born from there.

It is also an opportunity to send the spirit of “One for all, All for one” which is the merit of Japanese rugby to the children of the world.

As we spread the word of this Kids World Rugby Festival around the globe and with the support of Yokohama City we are sure that this is only the beginning of a wonderful rugby event showcase Japan to the world.